Month: March 2018

Holistic Dog Food, The Whole Truth

This is a question many pet owners have been asking lately. As the debate over holistic dog food continues, more questions than answers seem to be raised as to whether holistic dog food is better than processed kibble or canned...

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How to Cure Jaundice Naturally

Jaundice is termed as a common liver disorder wherein the white portion of the eye and skin becomes yellow. It is a condition that is related to gallstones, cirrhosis and liver infection. Excessive quantity of bile pigments in...

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Pregnancy Acupuncture

PregnancyAcupuncture during pregnancy is SAFE, GENTLE, RELAXING, & EFFECTIVE – I offer a Pre-Birth Acupuncture Package that make acupuncture affordable too.1st TrimesterCongrats! You are growing a human! Your...

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